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Putting Vision & Values to Work
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Inspiring both for who they are and for what they have accomplished, the extraordinary leaders, organizations, and communities profiled in Michele’s DreamMakers Series, articles, her blog and documentary, offer new insights into achieving success with vision, integrity and compassion. She shares stories of eminent leaders who are committed to creating organizations and communities where “people can thrive, businesses can prosper and the planet can flourish”.


What people are saying: About Dreammakers

"Michele Hunt has served in as diverse an array of work settings as most of us can imagine. She has been doing one job-seeing people. Read this book and see what Michele sees: the commitment that energizes our work, the love that unifies our actions, the dream that lives within us."
- Peter N. Senge, author, The Fifth Discipline

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Since 1995, Michele has been helping leaders of businesses, nonprofit organizations and communities to realize their vision of success, in alignment with their core values.

She brings an approach and process that enables leaders to engage the people in their organizations and their key stakeholders in making change happen. This approach engenders shared understanding, commitment and shared ownership, resulting in deep and sustainable cultural change.

Michele has the experience and passion necessary to help leaders bring about significant positive change.

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View Michele Hunt interview Peter Drucker on Reinventing Government

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Michele is a keynote speaker at meetings and conferences around the world for businesses, organizations and communities. Her topics include:

• Business as an Agent for World Benefit
• DreamMakers: Putting Vision & Values to
• The Secret to Organizational & Community
  Transformation: Engagement, Participation
  & Teamwork

Her presentations are founded on her belief that people have the capacity to create far better futures than we have dared to dream. She comes to these beliefs through her personal and professional experiences and by researching and writing about people, organizations and communities that transformed their compelling visions into reality, against tremendous obstacles.


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