DreamMakers: Putting Vision & Values to Work
What people are saying: About Dreammakers
"Michele Hunt, a DreamMaker herself, touches us with some profoundly beautiful tales of wonder at the workplace. Her book is as instructive as it is motivational.Michele mines nuggets...."
Warren Bennis, Distinguished professor and Founding Chairman of the LIMSB, University of Southem California; author, Organizing Genius.
My Work: Leadership & Organizational Transformation
Since 1995, I have worked with leaders of corporations, nonprofit organizations, communities and government. I have helped them to mobilize their people and key stakeholders around a shared vision of success and shared values, to achieve higher levels of participation, teamwork and performance and results.
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The power of DreamMakers: Personal Stories of DreamMakers
Visionary Leadership: Putting Vision & Values to work
The Secret To Cultural Transformation: Engagement, Participation & Teamwork
The Inclusive Organization: A Rich Reservoir for Creativity, Performance & Learning